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Screen Replacement

Call us for a quote on a replacement screen for your laptop. Don't throw it away because the screen is cracked. We can replace most laptop screens on site and for a fraction of the cost of replacing your laptop. We can also replace those faulty hinges.

cracked screen

Keyboard Replacement

Another common laptop problem is a faulty keyboard. It could have been caused by a spillage, or it is just worn out. Quickfix I.T. Services can replace your laptop keyboard for you


Power Supply, Battery and DC Jack Replacement

For any power problems from a simple swap of your faulty power pack or battery to replacing the DC jack in your laptop, Quickfix I.T. Services can do the job

dc socket replacement

Freezing or Running Slow

Problems such as freezing or locking up can be caused by a number of things. From a clogged cooling system or faulty fan to problems with the graphics chip. Whatever it is, we can fix it. If someone else has told you that your laptop is unrepairable, give Quickfix I.T.Services a call, we may just be able to get it going for you.

blocked fan

We have the latest in circuit board rework technology. This means we can actually repair main boards.

This is why many computer repair companies send their laptop repairs to us.

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